E-cig Update

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We want to inform you about the recent trend of e-cigarettes being used by middle and high school students. E-cigarettes also referred to as electronic cigarettes or hookah pens, are delivery systems designed to mimic smoking a cigarette. These items produce an odorless vapor of nicotine liquid or, in the case of marijuana, cannabis oil, liquid, or wax that resembles smoke. We are concerned that e-cigarettes may encourage young people to start smoking, because of their novelty value and the common assumption that they are safe.

The e-cigarette is marketable to teenagers because they do not have to be 18 years of age to purchase it (not a tobacco purchase). E-cigarettes are easily ordered online and can be found at smoke shops, are virtually odorless, and do not require a lighter. E-cigarettes differ from regular cigarettes for several reasons; they often come in flavors, have colorful packaging, and look more like a “pen” than a traditional cigarette. They contain liquid nicotine which could lead to nicotine addiction and progress to actual cigarette use. Of even greater concern are the online reports about e-Liquids laced with THC, the main ingredient in marijuana which causes intoxication, and other drugs.

Since this is a newer technology, our policies do not address e-cigarettes. We want the school community to know that bringing e-cigarettes or any other smoking device or implements on campus is strictly prohibited. Students may not solicit, use, or possess on their persons or in their vehicles e-cigarettes, any other nicotine or smoking devices, or related products and accessories such as lighters, e-liquid, atomizers, rolling papers, etc. Violations will be handled the same as Tobacco use.

Below are a few examples of what e-cigarettes look like. All colors and forms of e-cigarettes are not represented.

Assorted E-Cig Holders          Assorted E-Cig Pens          E-Cig Holder